COVID Denier Leaves Angry Note On Emergency Ambulance As Crew Treats Patient

An emergency ambulance crew had a bit of a surprise when they emerged from the back of their vehicle, having treated a patient, to find a ‘Covid is a hoax’ note had been left on their windscreen.

The medic who shared the pictures said: ‘Stood in the back of the ambulance treating a patient to then find THIS stuck to the windscreen. 

‘People are entitled to their own ‘opinions’ but this is just rude’. 

With the handwritten note, were several sheets of paper.

Although the text on the paper cannot be made out via the pictures, you can bet that they have been found on some bizarre website. 

The emergency ambulance service has been hit particularly hard concerning their frontline colleagues who have died having contracted COVID. 

The COVID-denier thought that his/her note should be left on an emergency ambulance.

Emergency Services News reported yesterday that at least five frontline emergency ambulance crew members have died from COVID. **At least**

But the raw facts do not matter to the bizarre individuals who, despite seeing and hearing the stories of families who have lost loved ones to COVID (mine included), still seem to think that it is a ‘hoax’. 

Try telling that the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost loved ones to COVID. 

As the medic who shared the picture said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

But opinions which are based on actual experiences tend to lean more towards ‘facts’ than opinion. 

Whereas the COVID deniers opinions, from what we have seen, are based primarily on the same sort of sources which try to convince us that the moon is made of cheese.

Or that, despite every observable planet being spherical, ours, for some reason, is flat.

I would put money on the fact that the individual who left the note would probably decline an offer to spend a few hours on an ICU COVID ward. 

Remind me later tonight, that when I speak to my mother on the phone (she works in a renal unit in an NHS hospital) that all of the extreme measures which her bosses have gone to in order to protect her and her colleagues from COVID, are not needed.

In fact, ignore that request. I have better things to do.

Lots of people commented on the post shared by the medic, with one person saying: ‘Just when you think you have seen the limits of stupid, something once again shows you how stupid people actually are’. 

Another added: ‘I’m assuming the other piece of paper is a peer-reviewed and approved piece of research backing up their claims?’

Whilst one commentator captured the mood of many when they said

‘You work so hard and see things that take a powerful mindset to be able to deal with, and it makes me absolutely livid that some degenerate a**ehole has the nerve to do this to you and your colleagues.  


‘As people have said, you can do nothing against this kind of utter stupidity’.

I mean, what did the note leaver expect the response of the emergency ambulance crew would be!? 

Did he/she think that the paramedics, who have witnessed so much death this year from COVID would just delete all of their experiences from their memories? 

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