‘Saying That We Are Sat Outside Hospitals Because We Have No Jobs Is Really Pi**ing Us All Off’ – Anon Paramedic

If you have been following Emergency Services Humour on Facebook for a while, then you no doubt would have seen the pictures and videos of queues of ambulances sat outside A&Es around the country.

Unfortunately, so-called ‘professional bystanders’ – a name given to anyone who sees fit to tell the emergency services how they should be doing their job, despite never having served on the front line – think that ambulances crews are just sat there because they have nothing else to do. 

What these ‘professional bystanders’ do not understand is just how wrong they really are. 

There have been loads of reports of emergency ambulance crews having to wait up to seven hours to book their patients in. So imagine having worked for, say, 12 hours, racing to life-or-death calls, only to then have to spend another seven hours at the end of your shift waiting to book a patient in? 

A&Es around the country are so busy that emergency ambulances have no choice other than to wait for many hours until they are able to book in their patients. 

So next time you see a large amount of emergency ambulances ‘sat outside’ of an A&E, then just remember that they are have probably been waiting many hours, often past their shift, to book their patient in. 

As one paramedic put it: ‘Some of the comments about us sitting outside hospitals because we have no jobs is really pi*sing us all off. What the public doesn’t know is that we are currently in REAP level 4 with a no send policy on the majority of our jobs as we just don’t have the resources to send.

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