Woman Gets ‘Hot Chocolate Bomb’ Confused With ‘Bath Bomb’ And Ends Up Having A Nightmare

You have probably already heard about bath bombs. Those small round balls of weirdness that you throw into your bath to turn it into something that resembles a spa. 

I haven’t used one, but my wife loves them. And she ends up wafting the aroma of various essential oils for hours after she has used a bath bomb. 

But did you know that you can also buy ‘hot chocolate bombs’? 

You put them in a mug, add some hot milk and then sit back and enjoy the visual spectacle of your boring glass of milk turning into an exciting mug of hot chocolate. 

But one social media user got a hot chocolate bomb confused with a bath bomb as she prepared herself for a soak in her bath tub.

And the conversation that she had with her friend over social media (see below), as shared on Bakeology, raised a few smiles in the DailyDits office.

It would seem that getting a hot chocolate bomb out of your hair can be a bit of a nightmare. 

Especially those pesky marshmallows. Check out the conversation below:

Credit: Bakeology | Facebook

And if you fancy trying out a hot chocolate bomb for yourself, whether whilst in the bath or otherwise, then you guy buy them on Amazon starting from 6.99

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