Advert Appears On Tesco Notice Board For An Assassin For Hire

Advert Appears On Tesco Noticeboard For An Assassin For Hire

To be honest with you, until I saw this picture, I had forgotten entirely about supermarket notice boards. 

But they always tend to be a great source of entertainment when it comes to looking at some of the bizarre stuff which people try to sell. 

If you can’t flog it on eBay or Facebook’s Marketplace, and you have already been booted off of GumTree, then the notice board at your local supermarket is your next best bet. 

As one shopper was casting their eyes over the usual adverts for ‘special’ massages and 2nd hand w**k socks, their attention was drawn to one advert in particular. 

The title of the advert was: ‘Need an assassin?’

In any other year, this advert would have drawn a lot of attention. But this is no ordinary year. This is 2020.

Apparently, this assassin’s rates are ‘negotiable’ starting from only £5,000 per ‘hit’. 

You even get a discount for ‘multiple hits’.

Advert Appears On Tesco Noticeboard For An Assassin For Hire
We had to hide the mobile number that was on the advert. For obvious reasons.

But if you are looking for an assassin for hire who will ‘take out’ any members of the animal kingdom, then you have come to the wrong place. 

This advert clearly states: ‘no animals hurt’.

It is not entirely clear in which Tesco store this bizarre advert was placed. 

But I am relatively sure that it was not long before it was taken down. Maybe…

In fact, thinking about it; I wonder if this assassin was trying to promote the new Assassin’s Creed: ‘Valhalla’ video game? 

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