Cop Responds After Motorist Blocks ‘Speed Trap’ Camera With His Boot

Social media groups have become a great way of sharing hints and tips with our fellow citizens.

Especially when it comes to residents sharing information about speed so-called “traps” which have been set up in the area. 

In one such group, a member recently explained to his fellow spotters about how he had parked his car up behind a speed enforcement van and blocked the van’s speed camera with his boot. 

Replying to the post, another member of the spotted group said:

‘[You] can also argue the fact its against the law to record drivers speed in the rain incase of a crash so u was helping the road users out good job mate’.

Of course, it isn’t against the law for police staff/officers to record the speed of motorists in the rain. 

But one police officer who saw the comment on Twitter replied by saying:

‘Stay safe all, I love reading Facebook lawyers on speed “trap” pages. This numpty was replying to someone who had stopped and opened a boot in front of MerseysidePolice MerseysideSP van’. 

The best way to avoid getting ‘caught’ by a speed enforcement van, is not to speed. 

That’s what I have found anyway. Stay tuned for more useful hints and tips. 

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