Motorists Stunned After Paramedics Confirm Road Is Closed Because A Crocodile Caused An Accident

Motorists were left stunned when paramedics told them that a road had been closed because a crocodile had been involved in an accident. 

There is a long-standing joke in the emergency services about being asked by members of the public why a road has been closed. 

Often, the standard response to such a question is ‘shark attack’.

So when a member of the public who was driving from Blackwood was met by a road closure, she did what many other motorists do. 

She asked why the road had been closed. 

The paramedic replied politely by saying that a crocodile had been run over. 

In a post shared on social media, the startled motorist said:

‘Can’t even write this s**t. Driving to Blackwood and the lane up to Cefn Forest all the cars were turning. 

‘The paramedics stopped me and said that you can’t go up there there is a crocodile that had been run over. 

‘So I laughed at him.

‘He said no love; I am being serious; a crocodile escaped from its home, and a car swerved to miss it and went straight into another car’.

motorist told by paramedics that road was shut after crocodile was involved in an accident

The person who spotted the post on social media and who sent a screenshot of it into us said:

‘We all joke about the “shark attack” story at a road closure but a colleague has told a MoP that a crocodile is loose and it’s being shared by every Tom Dick and Harry now locally. Creased’.

Thankfully, the crocodile and the motorists were all ok. 

The witness added:

‘to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get out of there in case the crocodile was still on the loose. 

‘this has been a very strange year indeed’. 

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