WATCH | Video Of ‘Vintage Military Aircraft’ Airdropping Toilet Roll

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It would seem as if the race to panic buy toilet paper has started to subside. No doubt thanks to some vintage military aircraft (see below).

When you think about it, then it is hard to believe that we did not learn an important lesson back in March when we went into the first lockdown.

And what was that important lesson?

That we do not need to panic buy toilet roll because toilet rolls:

A) Won’t cure COVID
B) Are STILL going to be on sale during the lockdown.

Many of you shook your heads, like we did, in disbelief at the sight of empty shelves as lots of people with little common sense decided to hoard toilet roll. Again.

And some people even made funny videos which take aim at the idiocy of panic buying.

In the video below, someone with some pretty impressive CGI skills has managed to create a scene where two vintage military aircraft ‘airdrop’ thousands of toilet rolls on the high street.

Video credit: Ann Alf Foster

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