Social Media Responds To Claims That Government Has ‘Manufactured Fog’ To ‘Scare Residents Inside’

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Social media is a strange place. 

Not only does it provide us with many laughs, but it also provides us with lots of ‘wtf’ moments which we might not have experienced (as much) before joining social media. 

Most of us probably have a friend or family member who comes up with some pretty bizarre ideas and theories. 

But when it comes to social media, we are surrounded by the sort of bizarre claims that we would typically only experience once every now and again at family events, was it was not for the internet. 

The author of this particular tweet was referring to some local fog in their area when they said:

“No mention of the unnatural ‘fog’ that’s currently engulfing a number of northern towns? 

“The same northern towns that showed dissent against the government’s Covid restrictions. 

“Coincidence? No chance. 

“Manufactured fog to scare the residents into staying indoors. Orwellian”.

Credit: Twitter

You don’t need me to tell you that the only intelligence out there who can control the weather is God. 

And the government might be many things, but they certainly are not the omnipresent intelligence that is responsible for the beauty behind nature. 

As you would expect, social media was quick to try and help this Twitter user out a bit. 

One person tweeted:

‘I believe it’s called “autumn.”

Another jested:

‘I work for Mist & Miasma Industries plc in Warrington, wish I could tell you all about the extra shifts they’ve put us on making up all this fog, but I’m afraid I’d lose my job’. 

While another added:

“I work for Terrifying Weather Acqisition Team. Always a pleasure to meet someone in the same business. We’ve something special lined up for Christmas. Can’t say too much, but two words for you. Hot hail”.

Credit: Twitter

Whilst social media can often be the source of quite a bit of oddness; it can be the source of our sanity as well, thanks to the wit and sense of humour of the masses. 

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