Social Media User Applauded For Comment Made During Boris Johnson’s Vaccine Livestream

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As the debate around whether or not to take a vaccine heats up, some people are reaffirming their stance about refusing to have a jab. 

I can see it from both sides of the argument. 

I understand why some people are hesitant to have the injection, but I also understand why some people are passionate about believing that everyone should have the jab. 

We have seen quite of bit of chatter on social media recently from people who are claiming that your immune system is ‘better’ than a vaccine. 

But, as we all know, not everyone’s immune system is in top shape. 

Partly, because of the amount of rubbish that we put in our bodies and partly because of other underlying health conditions. 

The comment was made on a recent Livestream event that was hosted by the Prime Minister

But during a recent Livestream event, published on Boris Johnson’s social media pages, one follower made an observation that appeared to resonate with quite a few other people. 

The comment in question attracted 24 ‘likes’. 

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