WATCH | Protester Breaks Free From Police Before Running Off

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A video has been shared on Twitter which shows the moment when a protester breaks free from public order cops before running off. 

As the video starts, the male can be seen struggling as two officers try to detain him by placing him in handcuffs.

The male continues to tense-up as another officer assists the two officers who had hold of the male’s arms. 

However, the male who was being detained then quickly spins 180 degrees, breaking free of the officer’s grasp. 

‘Watch this guy run. Absolute hero!! The police are so unfit they can’t keep up’.

Defending the officers, former Armed Response Vehicle & Traffic Sargeant, Harry Tangye tweeted:

“Oh Charlotte, you are looking rather silly. 

“Let’s watch the criminal run away whilst officers wearing 20kg of kit can’t match his speed. 

“This is what you’ve come to. 

“Just remember this when you find yourself relying on them for laws you personally want to follow”. 

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