"Don't Be A Pilot" Warns Pilots Union

“Don’t Be A Pilot” Warns Pilots Union

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The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) has issued a warning to everyone who is thinking about embarking on a pilot training course – think again.

The pilots’ union has taken this extraordinary step to help avoid students paying upwards of £100,000 for training only to find there are no jobs available at the end.

The statement comes as the vast majority of airlines have recorded a huge decrease in the number of people booking flights owing to the COVID pandemic.

BALPA’s head of membership and careers services Wendy Pursey said: 

“There are currently 10,000 unemployed commercial pilots across Europe, including 1,600 pilots in the UK. 

“Many pilots are working part-time or on reduced pay to save jobs. 

“And there are already around 200 trainees in flight training schools who were on a path to jobs with easyJet who now have no clear route to even a licence, far less a job.

“This is not a positive picture for anyone whose heart is set on entering this profession. 

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