Someone Just Bought A Pigeon For £1.5m

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If you had £1.5m laying around, what would you spend it on? A new house? A new car? Maybe a private island? 

I am sure that there are loads of different things you would rush out to buy. 

But I am going to stick my beak out here and hazard a guess that you probably would not spend £1.5m on a pigeon, right? 

But that is precisely how much a pigeon sold for recently at an auction. And we aren’t talking about an eBay auction either. 

The pigeon, called ‘New Kim’ is, in fact, a racing pigeon. And the £1.5m price tag has just set a new world record. 

The starting bid for ‘New Kim’ was just under £200. 

However, a price war in the closing moment of the auction meant that the final price was a whopping £1.5m. 

This pricey bird will set you back a whopping £1.5m | Image credit: PA

Like many of you, I am used to getting into bidding wars on eBay for replacement iPhone charges. 

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