Bald And Single? A New ‘Bald Dating’ App Has Just Launched For You!

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In the world of niche dating, there is an app for almost every ‘type’ you can think of, which is a good thing.

And because we are not allowed to mingle in clubs and bars at the moment, these dating apps have come in really handy – whether you are looking for a casual hook-up or more. 

We already know, that bald heads are merely human solar panels that power the ‘sex machine’ beneath the baldness. 

And maybe this is why so many people like the bald look when it comes to seeking out a new (or additional) partner. 

If you want to sign up to the site, then you need to either be bald, have a thinning hair-line or be seeking someone who is any of those as mentioned above. 

At the moment, it is free to sign up to Bald Dating but a ‘VIP upgrade’ is going to be rolled out soon. 

David Minns, the bald brains behind the site, says he was inspired to create Bald Dating after seeing recent stories about “hatfishing”, which is when men hide their baldness on dating sites by wearing a hit in their dating profiles.

Minns has lots of different dating sites under his belt, including one called ‘Dinky One’ which is mainly for men with below-average penis size. 

Over 100,000 people have signed up for ‘Dinky One’ perhaps proving that the world is not a judgemental as we once thought. 

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