Lad Buys His Girlfriend A Cake To Celebrate The First Time She Broke Wind In Front Of Him

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You know what it is like; you start dating your new partner, and you know that, for at least six months, you are going to have to try and refrain from letting rip in front of them.

I remember the first night my (now) wife and I stayed in a hotel room. I did not know it at the time, but I have a gluten intolerance which used to give me bad wind.

I cannot tell you the pain I was in for most of the night as I refused to let any natural gasses escape from my body.

We have been together seven years now, and I only recently told her about the efforts I had to go to that night to stop myself from passing wind.

The lad decided to get his partner, Courtney, a well-deserved cake to make sure that the first ‘pop’ was one to be celebrated.

I mean, talk about a fantastic way to break the ice. Chowing down on some cake is a great way to remember your partner’s first time (of passing wind in front of you). 

Personally, I would have gone for something a bit more permanent. Like a comedy mug or something similar. Somethin you have take everywhere you go.

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