How To Annoy Your Colleagues Using The Loo Roll

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Most people tend to think that the best way of annoying your colleagues at work, using everyday items found in the toilet, is to soil the toilet at work so badly, that everyone is too scared to use it.

I am not sure about you, but when I walk into the men’s toilets at work, I often feel the urge to run straight to the nearest decontamination tent. Once there, I would need to spend around an hour rinsing myself down before feeling clean enough to come back out again.

I do not get why some people treat the toilet at work as if it is the canvas for some bodily-fluid artwork!? Just clean up after you! Nobody wants to see or smell what you had for dinner 24 hours ago!

Is it that hard!? Or at least spare a thought for the cleaners.

There are few things worse (when using the toilet at work) than finding that you are going to need about 15 rolls of toilet paper only to see that your colleague has completely stitched you up by putting the toilet roll out of action. 

This is why, my friends, I always take my own wet wipes to work with me. 

After I have used around 15 wipes to decontaminate the toilet, I can then use whatever is left for myself. 

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