Dog Found In Street With “Horrific” Machete Wound Is Making Good Progress

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A ‘friendly’ dog, which was found collapsed and clinging to life with a horrific machete wound to the side of her head in Liverpool, is making a remarkable recovery, thanks to the care being provided by the RSPCA.

Ruby, a friendly American Bulldog, was found severely injured in Priory Road, Anfield, near Stanley Park, on Thursday, October 11 by a passing motorist.

The friendly Pit Bull was found with horrific injuries. Image credit: RSPCA.

When she was found she had blood pouring from a massive flesh wound in the side of her head which had almost severed her ear off.

Instead of driving by the scene, the kind-hearted man rushed the dog to the PDSA in Kirkdale for life-saving emergency treatment. 

She was later transferred into the care of the RSPCA where she is said to be making a ‘good recovery’ from her horrific ordeal.

Ruby’s owner was traced through her microchip

He told RSPCA Inspectors that his pet ran off from her home at around 12.30 am on the day she was found with the horrific machete injuries.

He has now signed over Ruby into the RSPCA’s care where she will continue to recover from her ordeal before she’s found a new home.

 She is still appealing for information to find the person responsible.

Rachel said:

“It’s clear Ruby was attacked with a machete in what can only be described as a vile incident.

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