Czech Police Called By Hunters After Deer Steals Rifle

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Czech police are searching for a hunter’s rifle after a deer allegedly snatched it in its antlers before running away with it during a hunting trip in southern Bohemia.

Police said the hunter lost his 0.22 Hornet rifle during the trip in a forest near the village of Horni Plana on Friday.

According to a police press release issued on Tuesday, one of the hunting group’s dogs frightened the stag as they were wandering in the dense forest. 

The deer then rushed directly at one of the hunters and tore the man’s left sleeve with its antler as it rushed past him.

After searching the forest for the rifle, hunters reported the missing gun to police.

Police said lost weapons must be reported to authorities under the country’s Firearms and Ammunition Act.

“If anyone finds the weapon, they are obliged to hand it over to the nearest police department,” police said. 

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