A Small Army Of People Are Showing Their Appreciation Of The Emergency Services

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I cannot think of any reason why anyone would not appreciate the life-saving work that our emergency services do daily. 

The brave men and women who risk their own lives to try and keep our families and us safe, deserve recognition. 

I am sure that most of you reading this appreciate this work and the fantastic job that our emergency services do, day in day out. 

Especially during this pandemic. 

We, the public, are told that, to keep ourselves safe, then we must avoid contact with other people. 

But the remarkable men and women who serve in the emergency services do not get this choice. 

Their job is to help people who, without a doubt, already have the virus.

The Personal Protective Equipment which they are issued with will (hopefully) lessen the chances of them getting COVID. 

An emergency ambulance is ‘hit’ with a random act of kindness

The group, called ‘Hit The Heroes With Random Acts Of Kindness‘ leave various ‘thank you’ notes and gifts on emergency vehicles before reporting their ‘hit’ to the rest of the group. 

As you would expect, the ‘hits’ are not carried out when anyone is in the vehicle. 

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