Hearse Spotted With ‘Bastard’ Floral Tribute

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Motorists and pedestrians must have been left gobsmacked when they saw a hearse being driven that had the word ‘bastard’ as a floral tribute in its window.

A passerby spotted the funeral procession as it made its way to the final resting place of the person who was being carried in the back. And the picture ended up being shared in one of our Facebook groups

We are used to seeing, shall we saw, more endearing words on funeral processions and, as far as we are aware, this is the first time someone has decided to pay tribute to a loved one using a profanity (at least in public anyway).

The only other thing we could think of is perhaps the deceased person’s name was ‘Barry Tard’ and, knowing that they could not fit his full name on the floral tribute, instead of displaying his full name they went for ‘Bas Tard’ (just without the space).

Either way, I think that most of us would agree that it is a bizarre thing to spot on a funeral procession. 

Have you seen anything similar? Let us and our readers know in the comments below! 

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