Pi**ed And Can’t Get Home? Just Call Blue Light Taxis

If you have not heard of the emergency services being referred to as a ‘blue light’ taxi service before, then please allow me to explain. 

Back when we were allowed to go down the pubs and have a few jars, then the sight of people stumbling around because they have had a skinful was ‘the norm’. 

Thankfully, most sensible people either get a cab or walk home. Or, if you are lucky, then maybe a friend or relative who would be willing to provide a personal taxi service. 

But, more often than not, certain individuals think that the emergency services are also a personal taxi service. 

This unique breed of individual will often dial 999 and demand to be taken home by the emergency services. Just because they cannot be arsed to get a cab.

And, of course, they never are transported home (unless they are a minor etc).

But one member of the emergency services has had a poke at the sort of person who believes that the emergency services are also a taxi service. 

A poster that has been doing the rounds recently states:

‘Pi**sed and can’t get home? Just call “blue light taxis.”

‘Freephone 999 – 24 hour service. Friendly Uniformed Staff’

Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that the person who put this together had their tongue rammed firmly in their cheek when they wrote the text for this poster. 

But they added:

‘No surcharge for vomiting everywhere. Comfortable modern vehicles. Gauranteed swift service. Can’t be bothered to walk to the cab? No problem, our friendly staff will carry you (Even if they injure their own backs in the process they will be hapy to help’. 

And the final, heartfelt message is:

‘violent and absusive cusrtomers welcomed’. 

If this posted does not give you an insight into what the emergency services have to deal with, then nothing will. 

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