Traffic Cop Pays Cake Fine After Being “Reverse Rammed”

There is an unwritten rule in the emergency services. 

This rule is concerned with the supply of ‘cakes’ to your oppos should you have a mishap a work. 

Generally speaking, you can expect to be hit with a cake fine if you make a simple mistake at work. 

For example, if you turn up late or if you accidentally hit a piece of street furniture whilst parking your vehicle in the yard. 

But when a Road Policing cop from Leicestershire RPU was rammed by a c*ckwomble who was driving a 4×4, then the police officer who was rammed bought some rather lovely looking cakes for the rest of the team. 

In a tweet, the officer said:

“The other evening we were “reverse rammed” by a 4×4 vehicle whilst trying to stop check it. 

“Despite reversing to lessen the impact, it still disabled our car. 

“It was a technical “damage to car” for us, so I provided cakes, it’s always good to have an excuse for team cakes!”.

Thankfully, the police officer was not injured in the cowardly attack. 

Has this just significantly raised the bar when it comes to cake fines? Let us know in the comment below!

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