Next Time Your Boss Tells You To Put Your Mobile Away, Say You Have ‘Nomophobia’

Do you have difficulty putting your mobile phone down, especially when you are at work? 

Or perhaps you feel uneasy when you know that your signal is going to disappear for a few hours if, for example, you work in an area where there is no signal? 

Do thoughts of being without your mobile phone cause you unnecessary distress?

If any of the above applies to you, then it’s possible that you could have nomophobia. 

Nomophobia is an extreme fear of not having your phone or not being able to use it.

Most of us depend on our devices for vital day-to-day information, so it’s normal to worry about losing them. 

Suddenly not being able to find your phone can make you worried about how to deal with losing photos, movies, contacts, and other information.

Nomophobia, shortened from “no mobile phone phobia,” is a fear of not having your phone that is so severe that it affects your daily life.

Results of multiple studies suggest this phobia is becoming more widespread. 

According to 2019 research trusted Source, almost 53 percent of British people who owned a phone in 2018 felt anxious when they didn’t have their phone, had a dead battery, or had no service.

2017 study trusted Source looking at 145 first-year medical students in India found evidence to suggest 17.9 percent of the participants had mild nomophobia. 

For 60 per cent of participants, nomophobia symptoms were moderate, and for 22.1 percent, symptoms were severe.

So next time your boss, or a member of the public, tells you that you should not have your mobile phone out at work, then tell them that you have nomophobia.

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