This Pocket Notebook Graffiti Is Out Of Control

If you have or are serving in the police, then you will be fully aware of just how vital your pocket notebook is.

For those of you reading this who have not served, then a police officers pocket notebook is an ‘official’ document that often contains vital information.

Information such as a reply to caution or witnesses first account of something they have seen.

A police officers pocket notebook is often required to be photocopied, and the contents added to Crown Prosecution Services case file.

Because a police officer’s pocket notebook is often used as evidence in cases which go to court, you are not allowed to rip any pages out of it.

If you do, then you could be accused of tampering with evidence.

So if the CPS or defence ask for a copy of your notebook, then you have to photocopy the whole thing and hand it over with ALL of the pages.

And this is where a police officer comes a cropper when they make the ‘schoolboy’ or ‘schoolgirl’ error of leaving their pocket notebook out on display.

One of the ‘oldsweats’ on team will draw something, often a falace, in the notebook knowing that the officer who the notebook belongs to will have to explain to a judge why he/she has a drawing of a penis in their notebook.

And this is why you never leave your pocket notebook laying around.

But one picture of some ‘artwork’ that had been drawn in an officers notebook stood out to us for its creativity when we saw it. And judging by the ‘you never learn’ then this officer is a repeat offender.

We have had to censor the picture because it is quite rude. But if you subscribe to our eMagazine then all will be revealed in the next issue.

Not only does the artwork in question have a picture of some private parts in it, but it also has a portrait of a woman who seems to be enjoying the private parts in all of their glory!

Because we don’t want to get in trouble with the social media police, we have had to censor the picture.

We have been sent to social media jail for sharing even lamer content than this, so it is not worth the risk.

If you subscribe to our eMagazine, S__ts & Giggles, then you will see the image in all of its glory in the next issue.

But if this ‘artwork’ doesn’t act as a warning not to leave your pocketbook laying around at the nick, then nothing will.

Can you imagine trying to explain this artwork to a judge!? 

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