Some People Are Prepared For Future Loo Roll Shortages

If the recent lockdowns have taught us anything, then it is a simple fact that we do not need to panic buy.

When it comes to panic buying, then typically what happens is a few media outlets will share a picture of some shoppers filling their trollies with items such as toilet roll.

This then triggers a reaction where even more people decided to go out and panic buy, even though the shops have never said that they are going to shut.

And this panic buying happens despite the fact that food and toilet roll manufacturers have never said that they are going to run out of supplies.

So the people who do go out and panic buy are left with mountains of toilet roll and pasta which they could have purchased at ANY time.

But the knock-on effect of panic buyers is that people like you and me sometimes have to go a few days without essential items.

Improvise, adapt, overcome!

Items like toilet roll and, if you prefer them, wet wipes.

But one innovative DIY enthusiast has decided that, if there is going to be another toilet roll shortage, brought on by panic buyers, then he/she is not going to be left with a dirty butt.

The solution? To install a DIY bidet that has been put together using a pipe and a garden hose nozzle. 

Now, why didn’t I think of that? 

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