Two Pilots Face Investigation After ‘Drawing’ Huge ‘Sky Penis’

Two pilots are facing the wrath of the authorities after they ‘drew’ a penis-shaped flight track in the sky. Knowing that their flight would leave a virtual trace on various flight tracking platforms, the pilots decided to unleash their ‘artistic side’. 

There are various reports that the pilots decided to take this action after a footballer in the country was suspended from playing because photos of him engaging in ‘self pleasure’ were shared online. 

Image credit: Flight Radar.

In their act of solidarity for Russian team captain Artem Dzyuba, the crew decided to fly a route that would create an image of a large penis – and accompanying balls – on computer displays around the world. 

And it was not long before aviation enthusiasts noticed the bizarre track and shared the images on social media. And the internet being what it is meant that the artwork was seen by a lot of people.

Open source FlightRadar footage shows the detour flight DP407 took en route to Yekaterinburg from Moscow on 11 November.

A spokesman for the airline said: “This was probably the way in which Pobeda captains expressed their support to Russian team captain Artem Dzyuba and showed their attitude to him being bullied.”

The Federal Air Transport Agency later confirmed that it is investigating the incident, which took place over the city of Neftekamsk. Early reports suggest that the crew sought permission from local air traffic control to carry out ‘air manoeuvres’, citing the need to check their avionics for accuracy. 

Oleg Panteleev, executive director of Aviaport agency, told RBC news that a check was being made on whether the crew had received permission for unusual manoeuvres around Neftekamsk.

Roman Gusarov, editor in chief of, went on the record as saying: “You have got to be mad to perform manoeuvres like this. These kinds of things get punished severely.”

He went on to say that the stunt looked to be ‘extremely dangerous because traffic density is high and air corridors are narrow’.

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