The Sun Clarifies Its Police ‘Fat Blue Line’ Article

Cast your minds back to August, and you might remember an article published by The Sun titled: ‘FAT BLUE LINE More than 10,000 cops on full pay for ‘light duties’ as they’re too unfit.’

The general gist of the article was that 10,000 police officers were on ‘light duties’ whilst in receipt of full pay because they were ‘too physically unfit’ to work on the front line. 

Many of my protein-shake-loving, gym-going family and friends who serve in the police, along with most people with a bit of common sense, realised that the story just did not add up. 

True, not all police officers are in shape (mainly due to stress levels and the inevitable c**p that you end up eating when doing shiftwork). 

But to suggest that around 1 in 10 coppers had been put on light duties because they are ‘too unfit’ just sounded like a load of waffle (no pun intended). 

And thankfully, our common sense radars did not let us down, because back in October The Sun issued the following ‘clarification’ on its website:

‘An article headlined ‘FAT BLUE LINE More than 10,000 cops on full pay for ‘light duties’ as they’re too unfit’ (29 Aug) suggested this figure related to police officers placed on restricted duties on the grounds they were too physically unfit. In fact, this figure centres on those pregnant and suffering from other issues. We are happy to clarify.’

Image credit: The Sun

What would be good, in my humble opinion, is if The Sun donated all the ad revenue that was generated by that article to a police charity…

Anyone else thinks this would be a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. 

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One thought on “The Sun Clarifies Its Police ‘Fat Blue Line’ Article

  1. Unfortunately you’ve got 2 hopes of getting anything out of the Sun and you know what they are however, well done on getting some sort of apology from them. I’m sure that there’s a stone in their offices in need of a transfusion!

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