Top Three Loungewear Items Guaranteed To Wear To Annoy Your Partner

Are you in a situation where your partner is refusing to let you put the heating on, even though winter is upon us?

If you are, then you are not alone.

It is around this time of year when couples start arguing over what the temperature should be inside their home.

I have one family member who insists that the thermostat should be set to 28 degrees Celcius.

And whilst that is an ideal temperature if you are sitting on the beach whilst sipping some cocktails, it is not so great if you are stuck indoors.

But now, we have found a way of getting your own back if you live with someone who always tells you to put some extra layers on instead of turning the heating on.

Here are our top three products, available on Amazon, that you can wear at home to make a point; if you wear them, then your partner might be convinced to turn the heating on so you take these items off

1. Kangaroo Onesie. If you want to convince your partner that turning the heating on is in their best interest, then this Kangaroo Onesie could be just the item to do it. 

Sellers Description:

‘It is super cute. Extremely soft, and comfortable. Adorable design fits you perfectly, and will keep your little one warm during those cold winter months’.

Kangaroo onesie


‘bought it for a hen do so it did the trick just quite big lol’ – Cez

Buy it from Amazon for 22.99 (price correct as of 9th November).

2. Skeleton Onesie. I doubt very much that your partner would insist on keeping the heating off during the cold weather if you walked around your home wearing one of these skeleton onesies. 

Sellers Description:

‘cozy onesie for the times your want to snuggle, chill on the sofa watching your favorite show and sipping your favorite drink’.

skeleton onesie

Buy it from Amazon for 14.99 (price correct as of 9th November).

3. Whycat Hoodie. I am reasonably confident that if you give your partner a choice between either turning the heating on or wearing one of these, then I reckon they will pick the heating option.  

Sellers Description:

‘Well made of top grade material, good tailoring. Comfortable and soft to wear, friendly to skin, lightweight, breathable, stretchy and comfy, making unbound feel will be perfect for anyone!’


‘I bought this as a gift for my Mum who is elderly & really feels the cold (we also love cats & I thought the ears would make her smile) – successful on both counts! She says it’s lovely & warm & cosy’ – O’Malley

Buy it from Amazon for 6.57 (price correct as of 9th November).

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