Panic Buying MEMEs Are Highlighting Why You Do Not Need To Panic Buy

The panic buying MEMEs are here again.

Another lockdown and another flurry of panic buying means that toilet roll has once again become rarer than rocking horse s**t. 

I seriously just do not get it. 

Did nobody learn as a result of the first lockdown that you do not need to panic buy items which will still be available during the lockdown? 

You do not need to panic buy toilet roll, because the shops are still going to be selling the stuff even during the lockdown. 

One of the many panic buy MEMEs currently doing the rounds

If you are an Amazon Prime customer, then you can just order your bog roll off of Amazon, and it should be with you within 24 hours. 

The only way people like you and me, who do not panic buy, can stop ourselves from flying off of the handle, is by embracing the ‘panic buying’ MEMEs which are doing the rounds. 

These MEMEs (and videos) help to bring us some sort of sanity during these insane times. They make us smile and smiling is good for morale.

‘Supermarkets have just launched their “lockdown” trolley for all those that do not understand that they are open 7 days a week from November 5th to December 2nd’ – another pic spotted on social media

To the MEME-makers; we salute you! 

If you are not an Amazon Prime customer yet, then you can become one by clicking HERE.

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