WATCH | Dog Owners Drills Eye & Nose Holes In Fence For Her Two Pooches

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If you own a dog (or are owned by a dog) and you also happen to have a garden, then you are probably acutely aware of just how much enjoyment dogs get from trying to work out who is passing by their territory. 

Some dogs will try and smash down their owner’s fence or will try and dig an epic tunnel under their owner’s fence just to get a glimpse of the stranger walking past their yard. But the dog will invariably end up getting some sort of cut or bruise on their nose as they try to understand who is brave enough to dare to come within a mile of their territory.

But one dog owner has come up with a solution. She decided to grab a power tool and drill a total of six holes in her fence. This now means that when she comes home, or when someone passes by her house, then her dogs can have a look (and sniff) at who it is! 

Video credit: Liltroubless / TikTok

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