army veteran who lived in a car for three months

Army Veteran Lands His ‘Dream Job’ At Microsoft

A US Army veteran has landed his dream job after months of living in his car. 

Zach Jones spent three months living in his car as he studied for the job that he had always wanted since leaving the armed forces

Zach had been trying for years to land the job at Microsoft, and all of his hard work and sacrifices have now paid off. 

Having left his job in the military as a Motor Transport Operator (USMC), Zach found it hard to adjust to civilian life, as many veterans do. 

The camaraderie and sense of ‘belonging’ soon disappear when you enter the ‘dog-eat-dog’ world of ‘civvy street’ where most people are in it for themselves.

Life After The Military

After leaving the military, army veteran Zach managed to get enough money together to start his own business.

But following a downturn in 2019, the transport company that he had started, began incurring heavy losses which meant that he had to fold the business

After the army veteran’s company stopped trading, his source of income also stopped. 

Army Veteran Zach no longer has to live in a car

Zach said:

“Transitioning was difficult. I wasn’t mentally prepared to go back into the general population and had a very difficult time adjusting to non-regimented life.

Army Veteran No Longer Living In A Car…

“I stayed in the car for almost three solid months, occasionally staying with a new friend from the class and hotels when I needed to stretch my legs a bit.

Zach added:

“It was five months after I had finished my classes at Coding Dojo that I finally got hired. It’s not easy, and it was a really scary time, especially considering the widespread unemployment due to Covid-19.

“I went from not being able to afford a relatively cheap medicine every month to being able to ask my wife, ‘Hey, what kind of house do you want?”.

“The strangest part is the amount of time I have now. 

“For the first time, I can finish a workday and not think to myself, ‘Alright, what’s the next thing I can do to stay afloat and eventually get out of this mess’.

“I can just sit down, drink a beer, and do nothing for a few minutes.”

Image credit: Zach Jones

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