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‘Welcome, RPU Hero(es)!’ – This Police BMW ‘Knows’

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A police BMW has shown its appreciation for its crime-fighting crew by greeting them with a personal message that will surely help to motivate its driver and operator. 

As soon as its crew switch the vehicle on, a message is presented to them that says: ‘Welcome, RPU Hero(es)!’

For anyone who is not familiar with the terminology, ‘RPU’ stands for ‘Roads Policing Unit’. 

The image was sent into us earlier on today by one of our followers. 

This police BMW has a message for its crews
This police BMW has a message for its crews

Alas, most of the content sent into us ends up in our eMagazine, ‘S**ts & Giggles’ because it is too rude to share. 

But this image definitely will not violate any community standards! 

The follower who sent the image into us caption it with: ‘Even BMW knows the truth, RPU are the best!’. 

Isn’t it great that BMW has programmed their vehicles to pay respect to the Gods and Goddesses of the roads…

The message would be even better if it also displayed the ‘thin blue line‘ emblem..

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