Prankster ‘Erects’ Offensive Sign On Country Road

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Because we are living during a time when most people can find something to be offended about, then it is relatively easy to ignore most of these non-offensive ‘things’. Apart from offensive signs.

For example, one of my colleagues here at DailyDits was offended earlier today when I asked everyone in our socially distanced ‘hut’ if they wanted a coffee, apart from my colleague. 

Rather than just seeing the ‘incident’ as a genuine accident, my colleague was adamant that I had intentionally left him out. 

I am pretty sure that when I used to do the same thing quite a few months back, then he would have just let it slide. 

And even though the obscured image leaves little doubt in the reader’s mind as to what the sign is depicting here, the unredacted version is funnier (for obvious reasons). 

We are not sure exactly where in the country this offensive sign has been erected. Personally, I thought that it was quite funny. 

But the outcry in the social media group where it was initially shared indicates that quite a few people have suffered from severe morale failures, as you will see for yourself when you join the group

What do you think about this offensive sign? Let us know in the comments below!  

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