note left on police car

‘Park Here Again And I’m Eating Your F**king A**’ – Bizarre Note Left On Police Car

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Unfortunately, angry and abusive notes left on police cars and other emergency vehicles is not a new thing. 

In fact, the authors of such notes have even earned themselves a reputation as being ‘professional note leavers’. 

What usually happens is that an emergency vehicle races to a life-or-death emergency call. 

Because peoples lives are more important than parking spaces, emergency services personnel don’t spend ten minutes looking for a parking space. 

And nobody in their right mind would expect them to waste their time looking for a parking space. 

Although, in truth, we all know that there will be some strange people out there who genuinely believe that the emergency services SHOULD spend vital minutes looking for a space. 

Even in a life-or-death situation.

Promises, promises.

note left on police car

They are also the same type of people who would probably complain if they needed the emergency services and the emergency services were delayed in getting to them; because they were looking for a parking space. 

Even by professional note leavers standards. 

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