Old Tax Disk Holders Can Be Used To Display Your Poppy

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Old tax disk holders are still in many of our cars. Mine included. 

My ten-year-old Ford still has the last tax disk that was in it before the rules changed. 

The ‘new’ rules meant that you no longer had to display a tax disk in your vehicle. 

There is no particular reason as to why my old tax disk holder is still in my car. I hold no emotional relationship to it. 

Like many other people, the issue I always have is keeping the Poppy in a half-decent condition. 

If I wear it on my jacket, then I either lose it, or it gets damaged. If I buy a metal one, then I end up losing the back to it. 

This usually means that I end up pricking myself at some point. 

So when I saw a picture of a Poppy in an old tax disk holder that had been shared in one of the social media groups which I manage, then I just knew that I had to share it with you all. 

Your old tax disk holder can be the perfect home when it comes to thinking about where you want to display your Poppy

As you can probably tell, I am easily pleased.  

If you haven’t managed to grab your Poppy yet, then you can buy one HERE 

Make sure, however, that the seller donates the profits from each sale to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

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