Fungie the dolphin

‘Fungie’ The Dolphin Spotted Swimming Outside Ann Summers

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‘Fungie’ The Dolphin Spotted Swimming Outside Ann Summers

You might have already heard about Fungie the dolphin (also known as the Dingle Dolphin).

For readers who do not know, Fungie is a common bottlenose dolphin who became separated from other wild dolphins. 

He is known to live in very close contact with humans in Dingle, Ireland.

Fungie has been doing the rounds on social media for quite a few years now. 

He was first spotted back in 2007. He has not been spotted for a while, but social media came alive yesterday after an image started doing the rounds. 

Fungie The Dolphin Spotted In Cork? 

The picture – which has widely been shared on social media – appears to show the friendly dolphin swimming past Ann Summers in a flooded high street in Cork. 

One social media user was quick to point out that Fungie needs to be careful that he doesn’t get caught in some fishnet tights

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