Forget Beer Pong – ‘Battleshots’ Is The New Must Have Drinking Game

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If you find yourself battling boredom on your days off, then you are probably thinking of new ways to keep yourself entertained.

So let me introduce battleshots.

Beer Pong has, for ages now, been the drinking game of choice when it comes to having a few drinks with your pals (or members of your household).

But, for many of us, the novelty of beer pong has slowly, but surely, faded away. 

There is still something satisfying about blowing your mates virtuals ships and submarines up. 

So when you combine this bizarre feeling of satisfaction with a drinking game, then you are on to a real winner. 

You can grab the ‘battleshots’ drinking game on Amazon from £14.99p, and if you are an Amazon Prime customer, then you can also take advantage of free shipping. 

If you do end up buying this board game, then let us know how you get on with it. 

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