Even Military Vehicles Aren’t Safe From Note Leavers

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We have all heard stories about rude and obnoxious notes which have been left on emergency vehicles, but not military vehicles. Often, the messages have been left as the crew of the emergency vehicle deal with a life-or-death emergency.

The majority of the notes are rude and are offensive and are left by the sort of person who sits at home in their parent’s basement, trolling people on social media.

Rarely will a professional note leaver actually try and voice their opinion face-to-face (which isn’t always a bad thing_?). Instead, they prefer to unleash their anger on the paper, leave the note and then run for the hills. 

We have seen notes being left on police, ambulance, fire and even search and rescue vehicles.

Once you can decipher the often cryptic messages, then it does not take long to work out that, more often than not, the person leaving the note has a few ‘issues’. 

Most of the people who leave the notes need to go on some sort of creative writing course because the notes often tend to be a bit bland and full of grammatical errors.

There are a whole host of books available on Amazon that can help people to be more ‘creative’ when they write…

Your Military Vehicle is ‘Illegally Parked’

And now it would seem that even military vehicles, in this case, a car belonging to the Royal Military Police, are not free from the note-writing skills of professional note-writers. 

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