As From Monday Gym Goers Will Be ‘Encouraged’ To Wear A Face Covering

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As from Monday 5th Oct, gym-goers will now have to, or rather, be ‘encouraged to’ wear a face-covering whilst inside the gym. 

Currently, even though you have to wear a face-covering when in a shop or other public areas, you do not have to wear one whilst inside a gym. Which is a bit odd considering you tend to be closer to people when you are in a gym than when you are in the shops.

But now, after an announcement made to its members by Pure Gym – one of the largest gym operators in the UK – people using the gym will no longer be exempt from wearing a face-covering (apart from when exercising). 

A spokesperson for Pure Gym said:

‘Please wear a face covering when entering the gym, in communal areas and changing rooms, and when moving around the gym. This can be removed during exercise. 

‘Please follow this advice to keep yourself and others safe. 

‘Thanks for your ongoing support’.

Before the announcement, many gym users had thought that it was odd that you could get away with not wearing a face covering when in the gym, but had to wear one whilst in other public areas. 

This announcement applies to ALL gym-goers and not just Pure Gym members. So as well as wearing your usual gym gear you will now also have to wear a face covering.

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