Halloween Weekend Is Also A Blue Moon Event…And We Know What That Means

If you work in the emergency services and you are working this weekend, then there are a few things we need to make you aware of. 

Firstly, we all know that despite the pandemic, most people are going to go out and start knocking on random peoples doors in the hope of getting some sweets

Rather than staying indoors and watching your favourite Amazon Prime videos, you are going to be out there, responding to the type of calls which are synonymous with Halloween. 

But this year, compared to other years, is going to be different. 

Now, we already know what a ‘full moon’ can do to people. A full moon can make people act bizarrely.

But this weekend, we are going to encounter something that is known as a ‘Blue Moon’. 

So that means that the moon is going to appear even more prominent in the sky! 

And this means, somehow, that its effect on the general population is probably going to be even greater. 

So if you are working this weekend, then make sure that you have your wits about you. 

Keep an eye on your colleagues, because the blue moon coupled with Halloween, amidst a global pandemic, can mean only one thing…..

You are going to need to buy some new pants

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