Could These Energy Dots Give You Some Protection From Harmful Radiation?

With so much potentially harmful radiation being pumped out by various transmitters which are dotted all around (and on) us, more and more people are trying to figure out ways to get some protection from harmful radiation.

Our digital, wireless age is still relatively new. 

And us humans still do not understand fully what the implications are when it comes to our bodies exposure to electromagnetic frequencies which are pumped out by mobile devices and personal radios. 

A lot of the potential damage which could be caused by wireless devices will depend on the energy output, or radiofrequency, of such a device. 

The higher the frequency, then the more likelihood of harm. 

For example, the magnetron that is in your microwave pumps out enough electromagnetic energy to cook any of the food that you put into it. 

And although the magnetrons which are installed in microwaves aren’t really found in everyday devices, if you work in the shipping industry, then you are already probably familiar with the damage they can do to you if, for example, you stand too near to a radar.

Could these energy dots give you protection from harmful radiation? 

But one innovative company thinks that it might have come up with a potential answer. make devices which they claim could potentially help to protect your body from high-powered millimetre waves. 

A statement on their website claims:

‘Not everyone knows that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from our phones emit low-level radiation, which may be damaging to our health. 

‘With limited research and mounting concerns, our products are a precautionary measure against an unknown future. 

‘Over the last 15 years, customers have reported improved sleep, mood, concentration and overall energy levels along with reduced headaches, stress, anxiety and fatigue’.

Are energy dots worth the investment? 

Once you have purchased a SmartDOT product, then you can stick it on, for example, the back of your mobile phone. 

The SmartDOT is then programmed to retune potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies which are transmitted continuously by your wireless devices. 

Exactly how they do, remains a mystery and is a closely guarded commercial secret.

The manufacturer claims that their customers have reported feeling ‘more energised, better focused and less stressed’ after using the dots.

Can EnergyDOTS help you with your sleeping habits as well as giving you protection from harmful radiation

EnergyDOTS also make a SleepDOT that is designed to act as a natural sleep aid which ‘encourages us to retune and rebalance’. 

The manufacturer claims that the SleepDOT emits what it calls a ‘clever mix of soothing vibrations’ which are ‘designed to slow our daytime brainwaves down to the much-needed sleep frequencies’. 

Are energy dots worth a shot? 

I will admit that I am one of those people who do not like being too near anything that transmits a signal. 

Maybe this is because I served in the Royal Navy as an electronic warfare specialist. 

Hence, I am very much aware of the dangers of being too near devices which transmit electromagnetic frequencies. 

In my old job (in civvy street), I worked on the top floor of an office block that had a telephone mast on top of it, and I always felt uncomfortable knowing that it was there.  

I am also someone who suffers from broken sleep, so I think that I will be buying one of EnergyDOTs products on my next payday – probably the SleepDOT.

Watch this space for an update re how I got on in my quest for protection from harmful radiation.

If you want to find out more about EnergyDOTS and their products, then clicking HERE will take you to their website. 

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