Something Tells Me This Isn’t An Official NHS Sign

An offensive NHS sign that was sent to us by a follower

We are used to seeing signs everywhere now that remind us to wash our hands as often as possible – and many of them are NHS signs. 

Trying not to ‘zone out’ when you see this messages of encouragement can be quite hard. So it is essential to make sure that these NHS signs and public information messages stand out. 

Something’s Not Quite Right With This NHS Sign…

But when one of our followers sent us a picture of an ‘NHS sign’ that they had allegedly spotted whilst out on manoeuvres, our suspicions were immediately raised. 

When you look at it, the sign seems to be in the right font and has the right colours. 

But when you read it (glasses on), then it becomes evident that this sign is indeed an ‘im-poster’. 

Because we do not want to fall foul of any community standard violations, we have blurred out the “offensive” words. But you can probably get the picture and/or work them out for yourself.

An offensive NHS sign that was sent to us by a follower
We have blurred out some of the words in order not to offend anyone.

The NHS Is Not Sexist.

Suffice to say that this fake NHS sign could be described as being sexist and that it might offend people from a particular part of London. And the NHS is not sexist. 

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