WATCH | Lads In Fake ‘Police’ Car Drive Up On Couple In Dark Car Park

A public video has surfaced on TikTok which shows the moment when three lads drive up to a car in the middle of nowhere before turning on a blue light and siren.

In the one minute video, the lads can be seen driving up towards the car as one of them tells the driver to put his high-beam on in an attempt to illuminate a vehicle that was parked in a beauty spot.

The video starts at the same time as one of the passengers says: ‘its the police coming through’ (referring to the fact that they have illegally fitted/activated a blue light and siren to/on their car).

Another lad in the vehicle can be heard to say: ‘We’re gonna pull them this…they’re gonna get it…they’re gonna s**t themselves from our blue light’.

As they get nearer to the parked car, one of the lads tells the driver to turn on his high beam as they drive towards the vehicle. He then says to the driver: ‘do it now’ as the driver turns on a siren and blue light that appears to be fitted to the windscreen.

The trio then stops next to the red car, turn the siren off and leave the blue lights flashing as they wait for the occupants of the red vehicle to get out of the car.

The front seat passenger then reaches for a public address system that has also been fitted to the car and says: ‘hello, can you step out of the vehicle please…can you pull yourself out of the vehicle…what are you doing there?’.

At this point, a female exits the vehicle from the front passenger side followed a few seconds later by a male who exits the car from the front driver’s seat.

One of the passengers in the fake ‘police’ vehicle then tells the driver to pull away before the male who was in the red vehicle gets to the fake ‘cop car’.

One of the males then says to the male who was in the red car: ‘I had you there didn’t I’ as they all leave the scene, laughing as they drive off.

Using blue lights and sirens on a vehicle that is not an emergency vehicle can land you in some serious trouble with the law.

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