These Midwives Wanted To Get Ready For Halloween In A Unique Way

Every Halloween, we all try to get hold of some Halloween decorations which will help our display to stick out. Every year, we try and come up with new ideas that will help raise a smile in the people we work or live with. 

I will admit, that my previous efforts when it comes to Halloween decorations have been pretty lame. There are only so many fake body parts you can lay around your house before they get eaten by your dog (or cat). 

And when it comes to pumpkin carving, then I am not ashamed to admit that I am hopeless. I can just about make a half-decent circle in a pumpkin, let alone carve something that even Banksy would be proud of. 

But some midwives have used their clinical knowledge and their carving skills to create a set of pumpkins that actually represent the different levels of dilation of women who are in labour. 

When my wife gave birth to our two kids, like most other fathers, I stayed at the head end of the action rather than at the bottom end. So when our absolutely fantastic midwife kept saying how many centimetres dilated my wife was, then I tried to picture it (don’t ask) in my head rather than looking for myself. 

But these great pumpkins leave no doubt in the imagination when it comes to getting a visual representation of just how big, or rather, how wide, 10 cm is. 

To the women of the world; I salute and commend you. 

If you need some Halloween decorations, then you can grab some from Amazon from as little as 6.99. They also sell Pumpkin carving kits from 9.99 and pumpkin decorations from 4.98 (although I will be impressed if you can outdo this midwifery display!). 

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