Police Respond To Social Media User Who Referred To Police Sirens As ‘Police Brutality’

If you live in an inner-city area, then you are probably used to the noise from the sirens of emergency vehicles as they race around the city, trying to save lives. 

When I used to live in London, I experienced this noise for myself. After a while, I kind of got used to it, knowing that my choice to live where I did meant that I would probably be woken up regularly to the noise of sirens and the police helicopter. 

But that is just a part of ‘urban’ life, right? If like me, then you are a light sleeper, then you can invest in a pair of earplugs as they tend to cancel out the noise quite well. 

In the summer, when keeping your window closed isn’t an option, then I always found that leaving the fan on in the background created enough background noise so that the sirens would not wake me up. 

But one social media user decided that enough was enough. They tweeted the Kansas City Police Department to say:

‘The excessive use and volume of @kcpolices’ siren is a form for police brutality. 

‘Whether you’re walking on sidewalk or sleeping with your windows open, the volume and frequency in which these are used are detrimental to people’s well being and state of mind’. 

@kcpolice responded in a no-nonsense way by tweeting:

‘Our policy states we are to respond lights and sirens to calls that present danger to human life. 

‘We apologize that our trying to respond to save lives in a timely fashion inconveniences you’.

Nobody likes to be woken up. But when you live in the city, it becomes a part of daily life. But what do you think of this citizens complaint and the subsequent response? Let us know in the comments below. 

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