This Is What We Need Right Now – The WORLD’S Largest Chocolate Fountain

When morale is low, then we need something that we can focus on that can bring us hope and visual pleasure. 

And for many people, looking forward to a time when we can move about freely again and visit the worlds largest chocolate fountain is precisely that ‘hope’ (if you are a chocolate lover). 

Last month, gourmet chocolate maker Lindt opened the worlds largest chocolate fountain in the worlds largest chocolate museum in Zurich. 

It is just over nine metres tall and has 1,500 litres of chocolate flowing through it – enough to satisfy even the most hardcore chocoholics. 

If you manage to get there, there is one slight problem though; and that is that you are not allowed to dip any part of your body (including your tongue) in it. 

Should you make it to the museum, then your disappointment will probably be short-lived, however, because you will still be able to indulge yourself in some bespoke chocolate bars that can be custom made according to your chocolate-preferences. 

Yet another reason to look forward to the global pandemic retreating sometime in the not too distant future. 

In the meantime, you will just have to jump online and order your supply of Lindt chocolate and maybe think about making your chocolate fountain at home. 

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