Humans, On Average, Have Their Highest Sex Drive In The Autumn

If you are starting to feel a bit frisky now that the autumn has arrived, then you are not alone. On Average, we humans tend to have our highest sex drive at this time of year. 

Which is a bit of a bummer if you are currently single and aren’t able to go out to your local pubs/clubs to meet someone (assuming you aren’t addicted to apps like Tinder). 

But why are our sex drives higher in autumn? 

Well, some people say that its because we are nine months away from the warmer weather and that nature has programmed us to be more ‘active’ now since there is more food available in the summer months. 

Our ancestors would have had a hard time (no pun intended) if most of their offspring were born in the winter months, So it makes sense to ‘progam’ our instinct to be more sexually active in the autumn months. 

As the saying goes: ‘Berries be red, nuts be brown. Petticoats up, trousers down” (as quoted by Sir Terry Pratchett and Spike Milligan). 

If you become aware of any specific date, then be sure to let our readers know in the comments so that they can keep an eye open for it. 

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