If Your Boss Has Invested In A Coffee Machine, Then You Are Working In A ‘Happy Place’

I am not what you would call a ‘coffee nut’. Neither do I have any fetishes when it comes to deciding on which brand or blend of coffee beans to put in my Thermo bottle before taking on the nightmare commute to work each morning. I am easy to please in more ways than one. 

But, I do need at least two hits of caffeine before 10 am (double that on a Monday morning) if I am going to function correctly whilst at work. When I say ‘function properly’ I mean staying at work for the entire day as opposed to making up fictional meetings which I have to go to just to get out of working my full set of hours. 

But about two months ago, my boss made a smart move. She installed a coffee machine in our building. Not only did she go for a gourmet model that makes coffee that is actually drinkable, but she also made it free to use. Meaning that, on average, I now end up drinking around 15 cups of coffee before midday. 

Not only has this unlimited supply of decent coffee made everyone I work with feel a lot happier, but it also means that my colleagues and I are too scared to travel more than 60 seconds away from the toilet at work, just in case the laxative effect of an overindulgence of coffee sets in. 

So, since installing a coffee machine into the office at work, not only is our boss been a lot happier, but my colleagues and I feel more satisfied too, based on the fact that the caffeine running through our system means that the muscles in our faces which are responsible for our smiles are always twitching, which actually gives the impression that we are smiling, even when we aren’t. 

If you work in an ‘unhappy place’ then you need to convince your boss to install a coffee machine ASAP. Because, within just a few days, everyone mysteriously becomes happier, more eager to work and keener to stay in the building rather than making up reasons to go out-and-about during working hours. 

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