What’s The Best Excuse To Give Your Boss If You’re Late? We Think We Have Found It!

What’s The Best Excuse To Give Your Boss If You’re Late? We Think We Have Found It!

Let’s face it, most of us, at some point, have been late for work. Sometimes by accident, sometimes intentionally. Maybe you were late for work because your train or bus broke down. Or perhaps you were late because you could not find a clean pair of pants or knickers to put on in the morning and you did not want to leave the house ‘commando’. 

Or maybe your forgot to set your alarm, because you just really do not like going to work, so you have zero inspiration to do anything related to work when you are at home, including setting your alarm clock. If like me, you have a car that is older than planet earth, then you could always use the ‘my car broke down’ excuse. 

The only problem with using the ‘my car broke down’ excuse is that your boss might phone you back and instead of hearing the noise of the traffic rushing past you as you ‘wait for recovery’ they might ask a few questions when they hear the coffee machine churning away in the background just as your toaster finishes toasting your favourite bread

So to try and save you the hassle of coming up with a decent excuse the next time you are late, we asked our followers which excuse they had used when they were late for work that worked the best with their employer. We wanted to know which excuse not only got them off the hook but also kept them in their bosses ‘good books’. 

And it was this:

Boss: “Why are you late (again)?”

Answer: “Well, I went out last night to celebrate my _____ anniversary of working here, and I got a bit drunk because I was so happy. When I got home, I accidently set my calculator to £6.30 rather than setting my alarm clock to 06:30 hours”. 

You’re welcome 🙂 

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