Graffiti Removal Guy Comes Back To Discover Image Of Himself

You would be hard-pressed to walk around any urban area and not find loads of graffiti sprayed on random walls, trains and buildings. Personally, I am not a massive fan (unless you are Banksy) but then that’s just me. 

There is a fine line between genuine pieces of art and people spraying their initials all over the place to ‘claim’ an area that they do not own. 

But when one guy spent hours removing some graffiti off of a wall, he was amazed to find that the artwork that had been removed was replaced by some artwork that depicted him removing the artwork. 

The image in question popped up on social media towards the end of last month. And, even though I am not a fan of graffiti, the sense of humour of the person who did this was worth a mention. 

Removing graffiti is hard enough without having to stare at a picture of yourself removing the graffiti that you now have to remove again! 

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