Giant ‘Hot Air Grenade’ Spotted Floating In The Sky

In any other year, the sight of a massive floating ‘hot air grenade’ drifting elegantly through the sky would probably make us smile and laugh. But this is 2020, and 2020 is no laughing matter. 

So when someone spotted this massive hot air balloon, shaped like a hand grenade, then they did what anyone else would do and immediately got out their camera (that appears to have pubic hair on the lens) and started to take some photos. 

We are not exactly sure where in the world this giant floating hand grenade has been spotted. Or when it last flew. But if you do see it, then fear not because it is not actually going to go ‘bang’ (unless it gets hit by something sharp). 

You have got to hand it to whoever made this hot air balloon; their attention to detail is reasonably good. That is not to say that I am a specialist when it comes to such things, but it is still pretty awesome to look at. 

I am sure that one of our intrepid followers will fill us in and let us know what ‘device’, or make and model, or grenade this giant floating hot air balloon replica is. 

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